Fall Means Football

and WVCLE!

October 29-30, 2021


Friday CLE — West Virginia Estate Planning Institute

Saturday CLE — Legal Ethics, Administration, and More in a Pandemic

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  • Full-day Friday + Saturday morning CLE*
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  • Full-day Friday CLE*
  • Coffee break; reception TBD

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Curriculum + Schedule


Friday, October 29, 2021
8:15a Registration
8:45-9:45a John F. Allevato, Esq.

Spilman Thomas Battle, PLLC

“Irrevocable Trust Modifications, Revisions and Amendments and the UTC, UDTA, UTDA–Oh My!  What is a Practitioner to Do and What Must a Practitioner Be Wary of in the Modification, Revision or Amendment of an Otherwise Irrevocable Trust?”

  Under the WV Uniform Trust Code in 2011, and with the recent adoption of the WV Uniform Trust Decanting Act and the WV Uniform Directed Trust Act, practitioners have options to change trusts which were formerly considered irrevocable and unchangeable. This presentation covers what should that practitioner should consider before attempting a modification, revision or amendment.
9:50-10:50a J.E. White, Esq.

Jackson Kelly PLLC

“Drafting for the Uncertainty of Taxation”

  Death and taxes are certain and must be faced by all testators. With a new Administration and the slim Democratic control of Congress, will the estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax exemptions be declining? Drafting techniques that provide flexibility for tax and related issues will be explored in depth.
11:00a-12:00p Marcia Broughton, Esq.

Jackson Kelly PLLC

“Charitable Gifting: More Important Than Previously Thought”

  Charitable giving can be an important part of an estate plan. To secure an income tax or estate tax deduction, the estate planner needs to understand the different ways to make charitable gifts, such as outright bequests, split interest gifts, and private foundations.


1-1:30p Coffee Break with WVU College of Law Dean and faculty
1:30-2:30p Christopher J. Winton, Esq.

Ray, Winton & Kelley, PLLC

“It’s a Small World: The New West Virginia Small Estates Act”

  Effective July 1, 2021, West Virginia has two new probate options for handling “small estates,” those containing less than $5,000 in personalty and those containing less than $50,000 in personalty/$100,000 in realty. This presentation explores the new law including the statutory affidavit.
2:40-3:40p Anna M. Price, Esq.

Jenkins Fenstermaker

“He Who Shall Not Be Named: Beneficiary Designation Problems You Can Avoid”

  Naming can be tricky. Are you getting the right beneficiary intended by the client? This presentation will be an in-depth look regarding avoiding common mistakes made by practitioners in naming beneficiaries when drafting estate planning documents, including issues of per stirpes, per capita, class gifts, and survivorship.
3:45-4:45p Franki Parsons, Esq. and John Brewster, Esq.

Ray, Winton & Kelley, PLLC

The Other Guy’s (Stuff): Handling Tangibles in the Estate, Antiques, Guns, Contents, and Miscellany

  Handling tangible personal property items in an estate can be tricky. This presentation discusses legal issues and solutions when dealing with “stuff.”
4:45-6p Networking Reception


Saturday, October 30, 2021
Time TBD

(90 minutes)

“No Panic at the Pandemic: What We have Learned on Ethics, Office Administration, and Law Practice “(Panel Discussion)

Christopher J. Winton, Chair

Marcia Broughton, Esq.

Anna. M. Price, Esq.

Joshua Rogers, Esq.

  This panel discussion will explore issues faced by estate planning and probate practitioners during the Covid-19 pandemic concerning ethics and law practice management during these interesting times. Bring your questions!

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*Estimated 6-8 MCLE available on Friday; estimated 1.5-2 MCLE available on Saturday morning.

WVU COVID-19 campus safety requires individuals to wear a mask and practice social distancing.