Fall Means Football

and WVCLE!

October 1-2, 2021


Friday CLE — Evidence for Trial Lawyers

Saturday CLE — Emerging Issues: Discovery

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Evidence Curriculum + Faculty

  • Think Fast: Evidence Update
    • Marjorie McDiarmid, West Virginia University College of Law
  • The Rule Against Hearsay and its Exceptions and Exclusions
    • Al Sebok, Jackson Kelly PLLC
  • Digital Demonstrative Evidence (on a budget!)
    • Stephanie Miller, Head of Outreach, Attorney Services, and Digital Initiatives, George R. Farmer, Jr. Law Library, West Virginia University College of Law
  • How to Manage your Expert Witnesses
    • speaker TBD


EVIDENCE OVERVIEW FOR TRIAL LAWYERS: An Update of Irving Younger’s Classic Presentation

presented October 1, 10-11:30 a.m. by Stephen D. Easton

Younger’s seminars electrified, entertained and energized an entire generation of America’s advocates. Easton introduces a new generation to Younger’s landmark work with this practice-driven program.

Professor Irving Younger could hold an audience spellbound by simply reading the phone book. You might think a recitation of the rules of evidence holds just about as much potential excitement, but in the hands and words of the master, audiences sat, learned and laughed at such ruminations for decades.

Irving Younger’s classic presentation on evidence law is reborn in video form and offered with the contemporary perspective and a shared passion and real-world practicality by Professor Steve Easton.

Evidence Overview for Trial Lawyers spans the chasm between theoretical possibility and everyday reality. Younger and Easton define evidence in the 3 categories of Evidence Law and the 4 categories of Evidence to give you a tuning fork to recognize where your evidence fits into your case and, equally as important, where the other side’s does not!

Easton’s practice-based guidance goes beyond Younger’s original work with impactful advice on recent developments. Both offer knowledge gained through substantial trial experience in a wide variety of cases.

If you remember Younger fondly and want to relive the magic he created, you must come. If you’ve never experienced Younger’s remarkable presence, you must come. And, if you know a young lawyer who does not remember and has no knowledge of Irving Younger, you must come and bring that young lawyer with you!

Program Highlights
• Learn classic and contemporary approaches to applying the rules of evidence from two of America’s all-time experts.
• Reconcile the rules of evidence law with the modern considerations of the craft of advocacy.
• Be entertained and discover valuable, practical tips that will benefit your courtroom skills.

about Steve Easton

Steve Easton is a trial lawyer and award-winning teacher who has excelled at trial and in both law school and CLE classrooms. His energy and focused approach flawlessly translate into practical and entertaining CLE presentations.

Currently the President of Dickinson State University, Easton served as the U.S. Attorney for the District of North Dakota and has tried cases in civil and criminal courts—in fact, with 4 trials in the past few years, Easton has now tried cases to successful jury verdicts from all 4 seats available to trial attorneys—prosecution, criminal defense, plaintiff’s counsel and civil defense attorney.  Easton spent 4 years as dean of the University of Wyoming College of Law, where he also taught trial skills. He continues to hone his impressive litigation skills by actively trying cases even while serving as law professor, dean and University President. Previously, he served as a professor of law at the University of Missouri Columbia School of Law. During his time in North Dakota, Easton was also a partner in the firm of Pearce & Durick, where he concentrated on product liability and insurance defense.

Easton was the recipient of the Richard S. Jacobson Award for Excellence in Teaching Trial Advocacy from the Pound Civil Justice Institute, and the Warren E. Burger Prize for scholarship concerning legal excellence, civility, ethics and professionalism from the American Inns of Court.

He is the author of three essential guidebooks for attorneys, Attacking Adverse Experts (ABA), How to Win Jury Trials: Building Credibility with Judges and Jurors (ALI-CLE), and Problems, Cases & Materials in Professional Responsibility (Thomson-West). He has also been published in both the legal and popular press, including The Federal Lawyer; The Practical Litigator; Stanford Law Review; The Wall Street Journal; and USA Today. Easton received his B.A. from Dickinson State University and his J.D. from Stanford Law School.

Evidence Schedule — Friday, October 1, 2021

8:15a- 8:45a — Registration

8:45a-11:30a — Presentation

11:30a-12:30p — Lunch

12:30p-1:00p — Coffee Break

1:00p-4:45p — Presentation

Emerging Issues: Discovery — Saturday, October 2, 2021

Times TBA (pending announcement of Kickoff Time)


Emerging Issues: Discovery presented by Jessica Haught, Director, Fitzsimmons Center for Litigation and Advocacy and Andrea Johnson, Fellow, Fitzsimmons Center for Litigation and Advocacy (90 minutes)


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